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29 September is International Adhesive & Sealant Day

Celebrating the binding force that shapes our world 

Solar Panels

Think Sustainable Future. Think Adhesives & Sealants.
Companies pursuing sustainability are more likely to be among tomorrow’s leaders.

Europe is currently embarking on a transition towards climate neutrality and has set ambitious goals to improve the well-being and prosperity of future generations.


Adhesives & Sealants are playing a crucial part in the success of many of these goals.


Adhesives & Sealants are crucial for:


Image by Mike Setchell

Adhesives & Sealants are crucial for:

Renewable energy & Energy Savings

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Adhesives & Sealants are crucial for:

Good health and well-being


Adhesives & Sealants are essential for: Products relating to the EU strategic Industries


Adhesives & Sealants are crucial for:

clean water and sanitation

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Adhesives & Sealants are crucial for:

Avoiding food waste


people directly employed by the A&S industry 

€19.9 bn

contribution to the EU economy (2022)


different products for the most diverse applications

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