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The World of Adhesives & Sealants

29 September: How it came about

International Adhesive & Sealant Day was globally recognised at the 2022 World Adhesive and Sealant Conference (WAC 2022) in Chicago, USA.


At the IAH (International Association Heads) meeting, which took place during WAC 2022, Mr. Murakami, the Chairman of the International committee of the Japan Adhesive Industry Association (JAIA) introduced the idea of establishing an International Adhesive & Sealant Day on 29 September. The International adhesive and sealant associations, FEICA, ARAC & ASC, unanimously approved this celebratory day.


Henceforth, the crucial importance of adhesives and sealants will be highlighted on 29 September.


Our industry is a success story that is gaining more significance every day.  Adhesives and sealants do not only have an essential role in thousands of everyday products, but also help to create a sustainable future.

Click here for more information on how this day came about. Click here for more information on how adhesives and sealants contribute to circularity, creating a better and sustainable society.

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